From September 2016 to May of 2018, I was tasked with making the Aflac duck say more than just his catchphrase on social media. He's humble, though, so occasionally he sat the bench to let our other content (that explains what the heck supplemental insurance is) shine.   



Supplemental insurance is hard enough to understand as is, so when Aflac tasked us with promoting their supplemental hospital insurance for individuals and businesses, we did it in a way that our audience could easily understand: with a reverse game show.



To promote Aflac being an official partner of the GRAMMYs, we got America's favorite spokesduck to strut his stuff across Aflac's social media channels in order to prepare for the role of a lifetime: a GRAMMYs backup backup dancer.  

To hype up the duck's audience, we posted these videos throughout the week leading up to the GRAMMYs.

Then, on the night of the show, we reacted to GRAMMYs performances in real time with a series of GIFs. Below are some of the highlights.



One of the cardinal rules of copywriting I learned in grad school was to never use puns. Hover over each image to read post copy and see how great my listening skills are. 


CW: Curt Chapkowski

AD: Ryan Mitchell

ACDs: Slate Donaldson, Jason Liberatore