I'm convinced that roughly 63% of my crazy ideas have come from watching the guy in the middle.

About Me

If you’ve come here wondering, “who’s this ‘Curt’ guy?” Then please keep reading. If you’ve come here looking for information on how to disarm a malfunctioning weaponized espresso machine, you should probably dial 911. 

I was the Stony Brook Middle School 5th Grade Spelling Bee Runner Up to the Runner Up back in ’01 and the first mate on the My Christine back in ‘12. I am currently an average golfer, and I will be an expert storyteller with the ability to craft communication that enchants its audiences and solves business problems. 

Want to know more, or converse with me about the comedic brilliance of the most important cultural icon of my generation, Mr. Tom Green? Click the contact tab and drop me a line, (wo)man. 

Oh, and as you may have guessed from my logo, I love hard rock and metal. The lightning bolt also reminds me of my homeland, the great Garden State.